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About your Massage

It is sometimes helpful to take a hot shower or hot bath before your massage. This helps begin the process of softening the muscle tissue. However it is not necessary. Drink some water before and after your massage. This helps the process of moving toxins out of your system and can make the massage more effective.

Please wear comfortable clothing. Oil and lotion will be used during most massage sessions. It will help extend the relaxed feeling if you can put on relaxed clothing. You will want to schedule your massage on a day when you have a least an hour or two to adsorb the benefits. Don't rush back into your day...enjoy the down time. This enhances the benefits of the massage.

When you arrive:
You will be asked to complete a client information form. This gives the Therapist pertinent information about your general health and special issues that may need to be Locationaddressed.

If at any time, you have questions or concerns please feel free to voice them. Ultimately it is Your massage, and meeting your needs is the primary focus.

If you are establishing a regular routine of Massage Therapy, you may want to make your next appointment and pay before your treatment. This is so you don't have to rush into thinking afterward.

The Therapist will the instruct you about getting ready for your massage . She will leave the room and knock and gain your approval before re-entering the treatment room.

Again any questions or concerns, the room is too warm, the pressure is not enough or too much, Please speak up. This is Your massage!

The Therapist will keep talking to a minimum as this enhances Her ability to stay focused on the bodywork. So close your eyes and allow yourself to be taken to the deepest state of Relaxation where Renewal can occur.

Ways to Maximize the benefits of your Massage:
Take your time when getting up from the massage table. You could be a little light headed. You want to maximize the benefits, so move slowly.

Don't rush back into your day...take a nap...have a hot soak a book...take a leisurely walk...Listen to quiet music.

Make sure to drink plenty of water. This helps to wash out the toxins that have been mobilized during the process of massage. If you are feeling icky at all after a massage you need more water.

Stay away from stressful situations if at all possible. The longer you can keep the relaxed feeling the more it benefits the Mind and Body.

In between Massages:
Looking for Relaxation and Renewal in between massages?

Try a hot bath with candlelight and soft music. You can add mineral salts and essential oils to give it more of a therapeutic benefit. The point is to step out of the World for awhile and Relax so your Body, Mind and Spirit can Renew.

Yoga is another way to work the connective tissue much the same way as Massage. Look for a Restorative or Lunar class or CD. This type of Yoga will also cause the mind to slow down and again, step out of the World for awhile.

Take a leisurely walk in Nature. Don't let your mind run about what is going on in your World. Take time to notice the plants, trees, animals, sunshine, clouds, and wind, really take in the beauty that surrounds you. This can be very Restorative. Especially for Spirit.

Meditation is yet another way of stepping out of the World. There are many books on the subject of meditation. The more we are able to step out and Relax and Renew,even if it is only a few moments, the better equipped we are to deal with the World and the inevitable stressors in it.

What is your favorite way to Relax and Renew?